Iyanla: Sex Work Requires Marketable Skills Needed in Other Jobs Too

Season 5 Episode 511
Aired on 04/21/2018 | CC tv-14
For years, Canitra and Lauren have felt trapped in their profession as sex workers, desperate to leave prostitution behind but unable to see any other options to provide for their children. One particular holdup has been their belief that they wouldn't be qualified to do anything else—a notion Iyanla firmly dismisses.

"You had to be a good salesperson. You had to be a smooth negotiator," she says. "You had to know the distinction between 'Okay, this is good' and 'This is a freakin' lunatic.'"

Lauren and Canitra start to nod along as Iyanla continues: "All of those are marketable skills! Stop thinking you don't have it. What you're going to do is elevate it so that it works for you."

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