Iyanla Schools Charrisse About Her Identity as a Black Woman

Season 5 Episode 504
CC | tv-14
During an exercise aimed at helping Charrisse Jackson rediscover herself after her recent separation from her husband, the reality TV star learns from Iyanla why it's important to claim her identity as not just a woman but also a black woman, specifically.

"That's important. That's very important," Iyanla tells Charrisse. "Your great-great-great-grandmother laid in the bottom of a ship. Do you know what she endured? Suffering, degradation, humiliation, violence, hunger, starvation. You walking around with $800 worth of clothes on and weeping over another human being. You need to claim this so that you remember who you are."

Here, watch as Iyanla explains how Charrisse's misplaced focus is keeping her "stuck."

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