Iyanla Recalls What Happened the Last Time She Got Pulled Over by Police

Season 5 Episode 509
Aired on 04/28/2018 | CC tv-14
As a spiritual psychologist, Iyanla subscribes to the philosophy that people tend to see others as either bees or butterflies. "Both are purposeful. Both, when you really look at them, are beautiful. But there's a perception about one: It can sting me and hurt me," Iyanla explains. "In many cases, if the human being is a white male looking at a black male, he sees a bee."

Gender aside, Iyanla says that the fear that some humans have for other humans is palpable in our society. In fact, Iyanla says that, as a black person, she anticipates that sense of fear surfacing within others, including police officers. "I am an educated, well-spoken, articulate African-American woman. But when they stop me? I'm black," Iyanla says. "I'm a black girl with braids in my hair."

Iyanla then shares a story about what happened when she was pulled over a few weeks earlier, saying that she continuously kept her hands in the air, despite a police officer saying she could put them down. "I just ain't no fool, and I'm not going to get shot in my car," Iyanla says.

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