Iyanla Pushes a Father to Recognize His Responsibilities

Season 5 Episode 501
Aired on 03/03/2018 | CC tv-14
For the first 18 years of Kamiyah's life, her birth father, Craig, had no idea where she was or whether she was safe. The girl had been kidnapped at birth and, unbeknownst to Craig, was being raised as Alexis by her abductor, Gloria. When Kamiyah learned the truth, she reconnected with her birth parents while Gloria went to jail—and the journey has been painful for everyone.

Kamiyah has so far coped with her pain by avoiding it, which Craig and the others in Kamiyah's life have accommodated out of fear of losing her again. But, Iyanla says, Craig has a responsibility to free his daughter from her emotional prison.

"You are the one, Daddy, who has to give her permission to feel the devastation of what she's going through, and she won't do that if she thinks that it's going to hurt you for her to weep over Gloria," Iyanla says. "You have to give her permission to heal and feel the trauma, and you've got to be there to catch her when she falls."

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