Iyanla on the Importance of Boundaries Between Exes

Season 5 Episode 512
Aired on 03/31/2018 | CC tv-14
Reality star Trina Braxton has been divorced from her ex-husband, Gabe, for a few years, but the two still can't seem to make a clean break from each other. In the time since their divorce was finalized, Trina has nursed Gabe back to health after surgery, allowed him to live with her, supported him through a recent breakup with another woman and even slept with Gabe while on a recent family vacation. It's as if Trina is Gabe's "wife on the other side of the divorce," Iyanla says, which is unhealthy if they want to move forward.

"I have an ex-husband, and he don't come to my house after he has surgery. And we are dear friends, but he don't come sleep up in my guesthouse 'cause he ain't got nowhere to live. But that's just me," Iyanla says. "Boundaries."

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