Iyanla Learns Neffeteria Has Lied to Her

Season 4 Episode 412
Aired on 04/22/2017 | CC tv-pg
No matter what part of a person's life needs healing, there's one constant that's essential to the process: honesty. However, in working with reality stars Neffeteria "Neffe" Pugh and Shelby "Soullow" Lowery on their troubled marriage, Iyanla learns that she's been misled.

As Neffeteria and Shelby told Iyanla previously, they had been evicted from their home and were living in a hotel room with their five children. Neffeteria later told Iyanla that they had found a new house and were planning to move in soon. So, when Shelby breaks down from the pressure to cover his family's ongoing hotel costs, Iyanla becomes confused. Shelby then explains that he and Neffeteria did have a house lined up, but they were denied at the last minute.

"Is your wife prone to lie?" Iyanla asks Shelby.

Find out what happens when Shelby offers proof that he's telling the truth, and watch as Iyanla outlines the much-needed work that Shelby and Neffeteria must do to extract themselves from their "hot-ass mess" of a situation.

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