Iyanla Helps a Lottery Winner Feel the True Weight of Her Financial Burdens

Season 4 Episode 405
Aired on 10/22/2016 | CC tv-14
Ever since Marie Holmes won $188 million in the Powerball lottery, she has spent her money seemingly without the thought and care that expensive purchases require. This has included bailing her fiancé out of jail three times to the tune of $21 million, buying an entire business for her fiancé to run, purchasing a home in Seattle for her mother, and more. As Iyanla works with Marie at her home—a sprawling plantation in North Carolina—it becomes clear to the life coach what Marie's real problem is.

"I see the result of someone who has no concept of what it means to be an adult," Iyanla says. "Mature individuals do not behave this way, no matter how much or how little money they have."

To help Marie truly face the weighty impact of her financial burdens, Iyanla has her write on individual bricks the various things she has purchased for other people since receiving her financial windfall. Iyanla then instructs Marie to haul these bricks around in a red wagon.

"It is my intention to show Marie that hers is not a problem of wealth," Iyanla says. "It is a problem of maturity, of self-respect and of dignity."

A reason Marie lacks maturity:
How Marie's mother, Fontella, has played a role in her poor financial decisions

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