Iyanla Helps a Family Realize the Power of Forgiveness

Season 3 Episode 312
Aired on 10/18/2014 | CC tv-14
When Penelope was 17 years old, she had a son with John, a man who went on to have 11 children with seven different women. John admits that he wasn't present in his son's life, and now, Penelope has an admission of her own.

"Will you forgive me for every time that I unloaded on you? Because I had a bad day, and I didn't know how to let it go," she asks her son. "I just want you to forgive me, and I love you."

While Damond, 27, says he forgives his mother, Iyanla says it's important for him to go deeper. "The real power of forgiveness is letting somebody know how it made you feel in the process," Iyanla says.

Watch as Damond reveals how his mother's words made him feel alone and broken. Plus, Iyanla shares powerful advice for every woman raising a son.

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