Iyanla Has Hazel-E Read Her Lyrics to Photos of Trailblazing Black Women

Season 5 Episode 515
Aired on 04/14/2018 | CC
While working with reality TV star Arica "Hazel-E" Adams to address the root cause of her racially fueled rants and public misbehavior, Iyanla introduces Arica to what she calls her "legacy room," a space filled with photos of trailblazing black women, from Sojourner Truth to Pearl Bailey.

"When we talk about foundation, this is what you stand on: these black women, of all shades and hues," Iyanla explains. "Do you know what those women had to do so that you could even be on television?"

Although Arica is not familiar with all the women in the photos, Iyanla has her stand in front of several of them to read aloud the explicit lyrics in Hazel-E's songs. Embarrassed, Arica does so—and begins to see her behavior in a new light.

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