Iyanla Explains to a Defensive Matilda Why She Really Feels "Attacked"

Season 5 Episode 514
Aired on 09/22/2018 | CC tv-14
Presiding over the Court of Life, Iyanla asks Matilda's youngest daughter, Nicole, to share with her mother the hurt and pain caused by Matilda's 18-year incarceration. Understandably, Nicole is angry that Matilda's choices took her away from the family, but rather than listen to her daughter's frustration, Matilda becomes defensive. She fires back, but Iyanla asks her to pause and consider something important.

"The attack that you feel—it's coming from inside of you," Iyanla says to Matilda. "The only way that you're going to dissolve that attack is to ask for forgiveness."

Then, when Iyanla explains that Matilda is unable to become the mother now that Nicole needed as a 6-year-old (and still longs for as a 25-year-old), Matilda interrupts with a consideration of her own: "So, we need a psychiatrist, then; we don't need you."

"One of the things that you might need," Iyanla says coolly, "is to let me complete a statement before you start talking."

Matilda nods. "I'm so desperate to get what you're trying to give me," she says. "I guess that's why I just can't shut up."

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