Iyanla Encourages Malorie to Sit in Her Pain—Without Cynthia's Comfort

Season 5 Episode 520
Aired on 09/29/2018 | CC tv-14
After 12 years of marriage, Malorie Bailey has filed for divorce from her husband, a professional basketball player, but the reality TV star can't quite seem to let go of the relationship—even though her ex barely speaks to her and the two haven't seen each other in five months. Both Iyanla and Cynthia, Malorie's sister, believe that Malorie is hanging on to what's left of her marriage because she lacks a strong sense of identity. Upon hearing this, Malorie breaks down into tears. Cynthia immediately moves to comfort her younger sister, but Iyanla shoos Cynthia away, insisting that Malorie needs to sit in her pain.

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