Iyanla to Breana: You're Living Out the Fantasy of Being with a Jackson

Season 4 Episode 418
Aired on 04/29/2017 | CC tv-pg
Taryll Jackson's relationship with his girlfriend, Breana Cabral, is in complete breakdown. They don't like the way they treat each other, so when Iyanla speaks one-on-one with Breana, she asks an obvious question: Why does Breana stay?

Breana says she's financially dependent on Taryll, who is Michael Jackson's nephew and whose sources of income are kept hidden from Breana. Iyanla can't believe that Breana, as the stay-at-home mother of Taryll's two children, would stand to be in a relationship where critical information is withheld like this. The life coach then offers her own explanation for why Breana stays.

"It's the fantasy of you being with a Jackson," Iyanla says. "You have to admit it: There's a part of you that has a fantasy about being in a relationship with Michael Jackson's nephew."

Breana disagrees, but Iyanla continues to push the point to help Breana understand her own subconscious motives for staying in a broken relationship.

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