Iyanla Describes Her Role on Iyanla: Fix My Life

Season 5
CC | tv-14
Healer, fixer, life coach—these titles have all been ascribed to Iyanla as she counsels people coping with trauma. Still, the Iyanla: Fix My Life host says there's one word that beautifully and perhaps most accurately describes the nature of her work: "facilitator."

"I provide information. I provide tools. I provide a process. I provide a safe space for people to look at themselves, to look at their issues and to look at their current experience," Iyanla says. "However, in all situations, under all circumstances, they get to choose what they do with the information, with the tools, with the process."

In this digital exclusive, Iyanla elaborates on how she approaches her work with Fix My Life participants and what is always required for true healing to take place.

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