Iyanla to a Couple in Crisis: "Do You Two Even Want to Be Together?"

Season 4 Episode 407
Aired on 10/15/2016 | CC tv-14
Throughout her time with the troubled Henry family, Iyanla has been working hard to interrupt the patterns that have led to the Henrys' dysfunction. She's confronted wife Thelisha about her numbness, implemented consequences for unfaithful husband Dwight and asked tough questions of each family member in an effort to uncover their truths. Yet, one particularly important question has gone unasked—until now. And it demands an answer.

Sitting down with Dwight and Thelisha, Iyanla cuts to the chase. "Do you two even want to be together?" she says.

Dwight says that he does, but Thelisha qualifies her answer. "Not with all the baggage," she says.

Iyanla halts the conversation to point out that it took two to get the relationship to its current breaking point. "Do you have any idea how you've contributed to that mess out in the backyard?" she asks Thelisha. "I'm not looking at blame. I'm looking at ownership."

Thelisha owns her role in the brokenness and addresses her contributions in a candid conversation with Dwight, explaining how an exercise Iyanla had them do opened Thelisha's eyes to how she has wounded her husband.

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