Iyanla Challenges Laura Govan to Get Rid of Unnecessary Luxuries

Season 4 Episode 419
Aired on 05/27/2017 | CC tv-pg
Reality television's Laura Govan appears to be accustomed to indulging in life's luxuries. Although the former Basketball Wives L.A. star says her lifestyle was often a lonely one, she's always put on a brave face for her four children. However, Iyanla knows that what's beneath the surface is far uglier than what Laura has been projecting.

To demonstrate this idea, Iyanla has Laura begin mixing batter for a cake—but with ingredients no one would ever think to put in a cake, like sardines, relish and ketchup. While mixing, Laura acknowledges the similarity between the foul concoction and her own life. "It looks like s***, and it feels like s***, and then we're going to make it pretty," she says.

When Iyanla asks Laura how she makes things "pretty," Laura says," I just do what I got to do."

Iyanla steps in to clarify the distinct difference between Laura's choices and "doing what you got to do" as a woman and a mother. "Your kids don't have to go to a private school, and you don't have to have a makeup artist and a manager and a publicist. That's making the s*** look pretty," Iyanla says. "What you've got to do is be clear about who you are and the vision, and create your next steps from a place of power and authenticity."

"Make no mistake," Laura says. "If I have to take off these lashes, wash my face, put my hair—this little hair—in a bun, take off all this s***, have no publicist, no manager, and get a real goddamn job, I will."

Leaning forward, Iyanla issues her challenge: "Do it."

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