Iyanla Cautions an Abuse Survivor Against Turning Her Pain into a Cause

Season 5 Episode 517
Aired on 10/06/2018 | CC tv-14
For the past few years, childhood abuse survivor Aleesha Barlow has been channeling her energy into her Tell Somebody movement, which advocates for molestation survivors and encourages them not to protect their abusers. It's a powerful and noble cause, but Iyanla finds it troubling that Aleesha's pain is what's giving her purpose.

"The challenge that I see with that," Iyanla tells Aleesha, "is that in order for you to fulfill your purpose, you have to stay broken."

Iyanla then cradles Aleesha in her arms while the 31-year-old lets her guard down and listens to Iyanla's next pointed insight: "Here's another thing I want you to consider," Iyanla says. "Telling a story about something isn't the same thing as sitting in it and healing it."

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