Iyanla Calls Out a Serial Cheater for His "Aggressive Energy" Toward Women

Season 4 Episode 406
Aired on 10/08/2016 | CC tv-14
The Henry family is in crisis. Dwight is a serial cheater who had a baby with another woman. His wife, Thelisha, has completely shut down toward Dwight, and is leaning too heavily on the couple's daughters for emotional guidance. They've all turned to Iyanla for help, and her job is to "interrupt the pattern" that has left the Henrys so shattered.

Sitting down with Iyanla for their initial session, Thelisha and Dwight each bring entirely different energies to the conversation. As Thelisha explains her side of things, claiming that her husband doesn't know how to handle familial conflict and runs away from such problems, Dwight appears disengaged and angry. He makes repeated side comments while Thelisha and Iyanla talk—until Iyanla gets fed up and halts the discussion.

"Hold on one second," she says calmly. "I really do have an issue with aggressive energy towards women, and I don't think Mr. Dwight is aware that he's being very aggressive right now."

Iyanla stands and guides Thelisha to another room, separating the couple so that she can then speak with them individually. Alone with Thelisha, Iyanla learns that Dwight has been drinking wine before their visit. Before Iyanla can talk to Dwight, however, he removes his mic and walks past the women on his way to the front door. He is crying, and brushes off Iyanla's attempts to talk. With tears running down his face, Dwight walks out the front door.

Iyanla turns her attention back to Thelisha. "The crying is straight-up manipulation," Iyanla says. "I know tears when I seem 'em. Those are not tears."

She then addresses Thelisha's body language. "You are so shut down. Shut down. It's in your face. It's in your mouth. It's in your body," Iyanla says. "[You are] disconnected from who you are as a woman, that you would tolerate that kind of behavior."

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