Iyanla and Matilda Go Head-to-Head over Matilda's Lies

Season 5 Episode 514
Aired on 09/22/2018 | CC tv-14
Midway through the healing process, Iyanla learns that her formerly incarcerated guest Matilda has been keeping secrets and hiding her pain behind half-truths. Iyanla confronts her with facts that contradict the single mother's dissembling, including the correct number of children she has (12, not 10), the fact that she has been to prison twice rather than once, and that she was raped in her own bed. Matilda dismisses the impact of these experiences, saying she healed from them long ago. But did she?

"That's not a part of my life anymore," Matilda tells Iyanla. "I refuse to let it be a part of who I am."

"Miss Matilda, you are a liar," Iyanla says. "When you get ready to honor who you are as a woman—every experience, every pain, every tear—when you get ready to stand in the fullness of your truth as a woman, without judging it, without hiding it, without lying about it, when you get ready to stand for yourself the way nobody else ever has, you give me a call."

"I will, God," Matilda snipes sarcastically. "Since you God, I will."

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