Iyanla's Special Connection to One Guest

Season 4 Episode 404
Aired on 10/01/2016 | CC tv-14
Although the women in the House of Healing have made incredible strides during their time there, healing is a process that isn't confined to a four-part television special. In order to truly heal, people often need additional support—and that's something Iyanla says is provided to Iyanla: Fix My Life guests who seek it.

"For every episode of Fix My Life, aftercare is available for the guests who choose to participate," she says.

The format of the "House of Healing" special is one that heightens a particularly valuable part of the healing process. "The House of Healing format gives us an opportunity to bring a number of guests together so that they can support one another in the healing process," Iyanla says. "More Houses of Healing are absolutely a format that we'll consider for the rest of the season." (A multipart "House of Healing" special focusing on men will begin Saturday, October 29.)

Iyanla says she had a special connection with houseguest Jaimeka. However, Iyanla says she treasures every guest on Iyanla: Fix My Life. "I have such a respect and honor for all of the guests that come on our show," she says, "not just because they trust me with their stories, but because they're so courageous in standing in front of the world."

How you can check in to a future House of Healing