The Psychology Behind Iyanla's "House of Healing" Exercises

Season 4 Episode 403
Aired on 09/24/2016 | CC tv-14
The journey toward healing can be a long one, and by Part 3 of the House of Healing series, it's become clear that the women have started their process on the right foot, thanks to the intense sessions and exercises guided by Iyanla.

"The House of Healing for women was a five-day process," Iyanla says. "I worked with the women an average of seven to eight hours a day."

As Iyanla explains above, the women have truly been doing the work during their time in the House of Healing. In Part 3, Iyanla had the women wear T-shirts bearing phrases such as "I feel abandoned" and "I'm resentful," which served a distinct purpose.

"The purpose of the T-shirt was to give the women an opportunity to wear, to see and to experience on the outside what they very often cover up and carry on the inside," Iyanla says.

To further help the women work through their pain, Iyanla also introduced them to the Whacking Room, where they could physically express the emotions they had suppressed for so long. In the clip above, Iyanla explains how invaluable the Whacking Room was to the group, and how this physical expression can be therapeutic for many other women beyond the House of Healing.

The healing continues in Part 4, the last part of "House of Healing: The Myth of the Angry Black Woman," on Saturday, October 1, at 9/8c.