How the Impact of Poverty Left This Family Emotionally Broken

Season 5 Episode 519
Aired on 08/25/2018 | CC tv-14
As Keshia and her family were in the midst of dealing with two painful traumas (daughter Gabby's molestation and the death of Keisha's son, Gabby's violator), troubles with money helped drive a wedge further between everyone's relationships.

Middle daughter Ka'Necia, for example, asserts that her mother was never able to help her financially during college because Keshia was too busy helping Gabby care for her new baby. However, Gabby explains that they didn't have money at home either. "There was times where we would split a meal!" Gabby says. "We were struggling ourselves."

Keshia bursts into tears at the thought of her children assuming she would withhold anything from them, prompting Iyanla to deliver some real talk.

"There's an impact of poverty that leaves everybody kind of broken," Iyanla says, before turning to Keshia. "You got to learn how to hear that stuff in your belly and sit in it, because the worst thing in the world is for a child to think that they're hurting their mama."

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