How She Found Out Her Husband Is Gay

Season 3 Episode 316
Aired on 09/26/2015 | CC tv-14
Pastor Mitchell has been out of the closet for five years now, but he still has a secret: He hasn't told his wife about the affairs he's had.

Before he reveals the truth, Iyanla sits down with his wife, Tiffany, to counsel her. With the emotional health of five kids at stake, Iyanla wants to make sure Tiffany is prepared to work with MItchell on the rough road ahead.

Tiffany reveals that they had been married for about five years when Mitchell told her he was gay. "He started talking about how his understanding of hell had changed, and if he had always had that understanding, he would not have been married...because he would have prefered to be with a man."

Tiffany says his confession left her feeling hurt, confused and scared for her children. But Iyanla wants to know: Did she ever suspect that he might be gay before he confessed? Watch the above video for her shocking answer.

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