How One Woman's Traumatic Past Affects Her Present-Day Sexless Marriage

Season 2 Episode 119
Aired on 05/11/2013 | CC tv-pg
Iyanla is in Knoxville, Tennessee, to help Nick and Tiffany, who say they've had sex less than 20 times during their five-year marriage. After meeting with the couple, Iyanla and Tiffany talk at a nearby park, where Tiffany reveals she was sexually abused by her adoptive father as well as a family friend. Tiffany also shares with Iyanla that she discovered Nick had been married once before and also cheated on Tiffany. Now, Iyanla has Tiffany, a photographer, take a picture that symbolizes the current state of her marriage. Watch to find out what the photo reveals about Tiffany and why the negative thoughts she has about herself are poisoning her marriage.