How Akemi's Anger Toward Her Mother Has a "Scary" Impact on Her Kids

Season 5 Episode 516
Aired on 10/13/2018 | CC tv-14
As a child, Monifah's daughter, Akemi, grew up never truly having her own voice. Even today, the 26-year-old seems to have trouble expressing her pain with honesty and clarity. Iyanla believes this stems from Akemi's fear of her mother, whose neglectful behavior taught Akemi that she didn't matter. The real danger, however, is how Akemi is now caught up in a "cocktail for dysfunction" that she's passing on to her own young children—three under 3—through her pent-up anger.

"I've had fits of rage and, you know, just being short and impatient with my kids, unfortunately," Akemi admits. "There have been times where I'm, like, screaming, throwing things."

"You can only hope to be the kind of mother [your mother] taught you to be," Iyanla says.

Understanding what's at stake, Akemi then commits to reclaiming her voice, honoring herself and standing tall in her truth.

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