A Formerly Incarcerated Man's Breakthrough: I Hate My Mother

Season 4 Episode 420
Aired on 11/11/2017 | CC tv-14
As part of her work with four formerly incarcerated men, Iyanla focuses intently on their individual "foundations," the fundamental experiences in their childhoods that have brought them to this point in their lives. Iyanla senses that Willie, 44, is holding on to a significant amount of anger in his foundation, which she says he must address if he is to break free from his mental imprisonment.

With Iyanla's coaching, Willie begins to share the source of his anger: his very strict, religious mother. "I think she held me back. She wanted to see me for what she wanted," Willie says through tears. "I hated her because she didn't let me do what I wanted to do."

"Mr. Willie, it wasn't that she didn't let you do what you wanted to do," Iyanla says. "It's that she didn't let you be who you were."

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