How a "Clueless" Mom Reacted to News of Her Son Molesting Her Daughter

Season 5 Episode 519
Aired on 08/25/2018 | CC tv-14
When Keshia found out during an argument between two of her children that one of them had been molesting a younger sibling for years, she immediately went into anger mode.

"My first reaction was to attack him, but I couldn't catch him," Keshia says of her son, the violator. "I wanted to kill him."

While Iyanla acknowledges Keshia's anger, the life coach also asks probing questions to try to understand why Keshia's son, who died from sickle cell anemia six months after the secret came out—would molest his sister. That's when Iyanla learns of a traumatic family pathology: Keshia's son had been molested in the past as well—just as Keshia was.

"I'm not excusing it at all," Iyanla says. "I'm looking at how you respond to it as a mom."

"I didn't know what to do," Keshia says.

"I know, mama," Iyanla says gently. "Still don't, do you?"

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