Hazel-E: "I Act a Raging, Lunatic Fool"

Season 5 Episode 515
Aired on 04/14/2018 | CC tv-14
When Arica "Hazel-E" Adams feels she's been wronged, her reaction is often to lash out, as she did in a racist rant on social media that got her fired from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood in 2017.

"I act a raging, lunatic fool," Arica says.

It all goes back to Arica's training, Iyanla says: Growing up, Arica was taught to hold her pain in silence; her outbursts these days are in rebellion to that training. "You've never been trained how to speak your truth and stand in it with love and compassion," Iyanla says.

Addressing her racist rant, Arica expresses disappointment in herself. "I said some tasteless, nasty, hurtful remarks that offended not one but two communities of people that I don't even feel that way about," Arica says. "I was just angry at these individuals, and it offended everybody when that was not the intent."

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