Alicia Explodes and Tries to Quit the Show

Season 4 Episode 416
Aired on 05/13/2017 | CC tv-pg
After two intense days working with Iyanla to confront her painful past, stand in her truth and unpack the dysfunction among her and her six daughters, Alicia has reached the end of her rope. So, when a conversation with her adult children takes a defensive turn, sparks fly and a full-blown shouting match erupts.

The fight begins when Alicia's eldest daughter, Shay, is compelled to counter Alicia's version of past events. "When I try to give you the benefit of the doubt ... something else always comes into play. It's always an excuse with you," Shay says as Alicia grows visibly frustrated.

"How do you know?" Alicia says, raising her voice.

"What you mean? Oh, because we don't talk?" Shay yells. "We don't talk!"

"Not anymore," Alicia says.

"Because of your deceptions!" Shay says. "That's how you've always been!"

Mother and daughter continue to shout over each other until Shay accuses Alicia of competing with her. That's when Alicia decides she's had enough. She storms out of the kitchen.

"The hell with you," Alicia says as she climbs the stairs to the second floor. "I'm done. Call me a driver. I want to go home."

Iyanla's work with this family concludes—with or without Alicia—in Part 3 of the special three-part episode, airing Saturday, May 20, at 9 p.m. ET.

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