First Look: Iyanla and the Mitchell Brothers, Part 2

Season 5 Episode 507
Aired on 03/17/2018 | CC tv-14
In Part 2 of this three-part special event, Iyanla continues to work with the Mitchell family—five brothers who were abandoned by their drug-addicted parents and left to fend for themselves while experiencing abuse and neglect in the foster care system. (Watch the full episode of Part 1.)

Unlike past guests who have had trouble speaking their pain, these five men are clearly equipped to identify their anger and hurt. Their work lies in understanding the pain of abandonment and loneliness that lies within one another, all caused by the darkness in which they were raised. So, after a heart-wrenching game of "breakthrough bingo" with their father, Iyanla invites their mother and half sister to the house, asking how a mother of eight can abandon all her children.

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