First Look: Iyanla and Reality Star Hazel-E

Season 5 Episode 515
Aired on 04/14/2018 | CC tv-14
Arica Adams, better known as Hazel-E, is a reality television star formerly featured on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. As her fame began to rise with the show's ratings, her haters grew louder, putting her insecurities to the test. Eventually, Hazel-E publicly imploded on social media with a series of unhinged, racist rants that led to her dismissal from the series.

Today, Hazel-E is hoping to get to the bottom of her own vicious cycle of negative behavior and find better ways to express herself so that the dysfunctional little girl that still lives within her might finally grow up. Iyanla forces Hazel-E to confront the childhood trauma that helped create her current image. Can Iyanla convince the reality star to move past rage and use her voice for good?