First Look at "Female Felons: Healing Is the New Black (Part 1)"

Season 5 Episode 513
CC | tv-14
In the first episode of a two-part special event, Iyanla works with three women who became a "prison family" while incarcerated. Matilda, the eldest, took Brandi and Taii under her wing on the inside, and their bond has stayed strong since their release. The trouble, however, is that these women have biological families and children that they abandoned when they left for prison.

It is Iyanla's intention to get these women to see that their bond was forged out of pathologies and shared pain rather than the unmistakable love that a mother should share with her children. And for Matilda, this means a long-buried secret will be unearthed.

Tune in Saturday, September 15, at 9/8c.