First Look at "Basketball Lies: Brandi and Jason Maxiell"

Season 5 Episode 505
Former NBA star Jason Maxiell and his reality star wife, Brandi (Basketball Wives LA), have been high school sweethearts for 17 years. They've built a family together, battled through Brandi's cancer diagnosis and stood by each other's side at every turn. However, everything is not always as it seems: Since the beginning of their relationship, Jason has been lying to Brandi and habitually cheating on her.

Today, the couple is at a breaking point. Brandi has had enough of Jason's disgraceful behavior, and Jason is desperate to keep his family together. So, Iyanla sits them down to determine whether they should rebuild their toxic relationship—or whether the clock has run out on their marriage.

Tune in Saturday, September 8, at 9/8c.