Working with Men vs. Women in the House of Healing

Season 4 Episode 408
Aired on 10/29/2016 | CC tv-14
Earlier in the season, Iyanla worked with eight women in her House of Healing, and now she is assisting six men. In that time, Iyanla has noticed one big difference between the sexes.

"Men make a deeper commitment before they come," Iyanla says. "Once a man gets in the door, he is ready to do the work."

Iyanla says that simply being a woman can offer an advantage in facilitating a man's healing. "As a woman, it's easy for me to work with men because I represent the heart space, the emotional being. And I know that, as a woman, I'm pulling on his issues with his mother, his issues with every single woman that he's ever been in relationship with. And, eventually, that is going to come to the surface," she says. "All I need to do is stand in a high degree and frequency of love, and his heart will open and the healing will unfold."

Yet, Iyanla says, being a woman can also present some challenges in working with men. "I know that there are certain places I can't take men, and there are certain places I have no business being in a man's life," she says. "In that moment, I turn them over to other men, because men know men the way women know women."

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