Chrystale Releases Years of Anger in an Emotional Breakthrough

Season 4 Episode 402
Aired on 09/17/2016 | CC tv-14
Each woman in the House of Healing has her own issues to face. For many, their issues involve men. Chrystale's issues involve her mother.

It's been years since Chrystale has spoken with her mom, and she says their rift is ultimately due to the fact that her mother doesn't respect her as a grown woman. Although Chrystale claims to have made peace with this broken relationship, her pain is clear, and Iyanla says it will continue to prevent Chrystale from making any progress in the House of Healing.

To help Chrystale and the women dig deeper and get in touch with what their pain has been masking, Iyanla invites them to a group session in which they can bring forth their "heart song." The session begins with a deliberate breathing warm-up. Then, Iyanla guides the women through an exercise.

"I want you to bring forth the sound you hear in your heart," she says. "It may be a moan. It may be a yell. It may be a scream. ... Let your heart use your mouth."

Iyanla turns her focus to Chrystale, kneeling beside her and helping her bring forth her sound. Watch what happens when Chrystale is finally able to find her voice and release the pain she may have been holding in for decades.

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