Charrisse Jackson: There Was Infidelity Throughout My Marriage

Season 5 Episode 504
CC | tv-14
Upon first sitting down with Iyanla, Charrisse Jackson sounds reasonable and calm as she discusses the recent implosion of her 20-year marriage. But when Iyanla calls out Charrisse for guarding her true feelings, the Real Housewives of Potomac star breaks down and gets real about how her life got to this point.

"I'm sitting here because I've allowed myself to waste a lot of my life on a person who didn't want me and gave up on me," Charrisse, 52, says tearfully.

Iyanla then asks for evidence that Charrisse's husband didn't want her, and Charrisse doesn't hold back. "Throughout our marriage, you know, there was infidelity," she says. "[Starting] probably around our eighth year."

Here, Iyanla helps Charrisse to start on the path to healing by confronting the full magnitude of her problem.

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