Can Diamond Reynolds Escape the Trauma of Her Fiancé's Shooting?

Season 5 Episode 509
Aired on 04/28/2018 | CC tv-14
It was a normal morning for Philando Castile—until a routine traffic stop turned deadly. In July 2016, Philando was pulled over by the police for a broken taillight. While reaching for his license and registration, he was shot to death by a police officer who claims that he thought he was reaching for a firearm. Philando's fiancée, Diamond Reynolds, with her 4-year-old daughter by her side, livestreamed the aftermath on Facebook, contributing to a national uproar about excessive police violence.

Diamond's life also ended that day—life as she knew it, at least. Even as she was becoming one of the faces of a growing cause, she was struggling to move past the traumatic incident. Iyanla wants to help Diamond move through her trauma, past the sadness and back into the light.

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