Ayanna's Admission: Is Jay Really Her Son's Father?

Season 3 Episode 309
Aired on 09/27/2014 | CC tv-14
During Part 2 of "Fix My Father with 34 Children," Iyanla met Ayanna, a woman who said 44-year-old Jay was the biological father of her son. Unlike the other mothers on the show, Ayanna said her son didn't know that Jay, a man who had children with 16 other women, was his father, and she wasn't sure if she would ever tell him.

Now, Ayanna's story has changed. "Are you saying to me that you are not sure that Jay Williams, the father of 34, is the father of your son?" Iyanla asks.

"Yes," Ayanna says before admitting that at the end of her relationship with Jay, she began sleeping with another man. Ayanna not only failed to protect herself, Iyanla says, but also made a choice that affects her son to this day.

"You are living out of integrity," Iyanla says. "And [you're] being dishonest in a way that doesn't impact your life—it impacts your son's life."

Watch the above video to find out why Ayanna says she never made either man take a paternity test. Plus, Iyanla helps wounded women understand the source of their pain.

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