A Woman Who Had 8 Miscarriages Shares the Hurtful Comment Her Mother Made

Season 5 Episode 510
Aired on 04/07/2018 | CC tv-14
Nikki, 28, has never been close with her mother, Jackie, who gave birth to Nikki when she was just 16. Nikki was raised by her grandmother and says she was emotionally supported more by her mom's older sister, LaTonya, than anyone else. As an example, Nikki shares an extremely painful comment she says Jackie made during Nikki's own journey toward motherhood.

As Nikki tells Iyanla, she has had eight miscarriages in the last seven years, the most recent of which was at 36 weeks. "Before it happened, me and my aunt was getting my baby shower together," Nikki says, weeping. "When I did talk to my mama, my mama told me she hoped my baby [would] die. And then my baby was gone. He did die."

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