A Woman Who Claims She Was Raped by Her Sister Shares Her Account

Season 5 Episode 510
Aired on 04/07/2018 | CC tv-14
Jackie, 44, has struggled on a multitude of levels in her life, but one thing the mother of four says weighs heavily on her is being raped as a child by her older sister. Sister LaTonya flatly denies the allegation and refuses to speak with Jackie to clear the air, so Iyanla sits down with Jackie alone to better understand her experience.

Jackie says the rape occurred after LaTonya's own rape as a preteen. Her rapist went to jail, Jackie says, but the damage he had done continued after his incarceration. "We slept in the same bed as little girls, and [LaTonya] used to do stuff to me: get on top of me and hump me and do sexually to me what, I guess, happened on her," Jackie says.

Although Iyanla says that it may be impossible to know which sister's version of events is closer to the truth, one thing is certain: "These sisters will remain unhealed until they can have a clearing conversation."

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