A Mother's Heartbreaking Admission: "I Didn't Love You Enough"

Season 3 Episode 302
Aired on 09/06/2014 | CC tv-14
Iyanla believes that parents are the foundation upon which children build their lives, and when the foundation isn't stable, the structure of the child's life is weak. This, she says, is exactly what happened to Jay—the biological father of 34 children—whose own parents failed him when he was a boy.

Jay's mother, Stacey, says that when she married his father, Wes, she was already broken. By the time her toxic marriage to Wes ended, she says, she was shattered completely. "I am a firm believer in the statement made by Ralph Waldo Emerson that a man is who his mother makes him to be," Iyanla says.

Stacey can now look back and take some responsibility for the outcome of her son's life. "The fact that you have had all these children is because I didn't love you enough," she says to Jay. "I did not provide that stability for you."

Watch as Stacey's words bring Jay to tears.

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