The Reaction of Dwight's Mother to Him Entering Rehab Is "Kryptonite to a Man's Soul"

Season 4 Episode 407
Aired on 10/15/2016 | CC tv-14
For much of his life, 42-year-old Dwight Henry has been in search of his mother's love and affection. Because he has never addressed his old wounds, Dwight has been relying on drugs, alcohol and the company of women other than his wife to help him escape the pain. Now, Dwight has agreed to enter a rehab program in an attempt to turn things around for himself and his family.

When Dwight tells his mother of his plans to seek treatment, her reaction reflects the lack of support Dwight says he felt growing up.

"[In] 48 hours, I'll be committing myself to a rehabilitation center," he tells his mother.

"I hope so," she responds instantly.

With an eye roll and a defeated look, Dwight collapses back on the couch. Iyanla asks Dwight what he would have liked his mother to say, and he tells her: "I'm happy to hear that."

After Dwight's mother admits her lack of "tact," Iyanla explains to the woman why what she said to her son was so upsetting to him.

"I don't care how big he gets. The 7-year-old in him always needs one or two things: affirmation, 'You did good'; appreciation, 'Thank you'; or correction, 'Come here and let me tell you why you can't do that,'" Iyanla says. "Otherwise, he's going to hear you making him wrong. And if you make him wrong, the kryptonite to a man's soul is disappointing his mother."

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