A Man with 34 Children Confesses His Failings as a Father

Season 3 Episode 303
Aired on 09/13/2014 | CC tv-14
For more than two decades, Jay has fathered child after child with woman after woman. In total, he has 34 biological children with 17 different women. Iyanla says it's no surprise that Jay has fallen short of his duties as a father. Now, Jay has asked for Iyanla's support as he attempts to make amends with his children, which is no easy task.

First, Iyanla asks Jay to confess his failings to four of his older children. "I dropped all of you," he says. "I absolutely did not live up to be the true man that I am."

What else does Jay confess to his children? Watch now and find out why his daughter Iman says she's not buying any of it.

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