A Man with 28 Children Owns His Emptiness

Season 3 Episode 310
Aired on 10/04/2014 | CC tv-14
Nathaniel, a man who has 28 children by 16 different women, says that after his grandfather passed away, he didn't have a man to model his behavior after. Now, he admits that he's struggling between boyhood and manhood.

As Nathaniel joins Iyanla on stage, Jay, a father of 34, stands back-to-back with him to offer support. Iyanla's friend Jeff Johnson, a youth advocate, looks Nathaniel in the eye as he owns his emptiness. "I feel like a failure," Nathaniel says.

Iyanla takes this opportunity to speak for the women who had Nathaniel's children and single mothers like them. "I trusted that you were the promise that my daddy never gave me. I trusted that you weren't going to hurt me like everybody else did. I trusted you with my soul, with my body, with my being,” she says to Nathaniel. "And you left me. You left me, and not only did you leave me, but you left me here with this child."

Watch Nathaniel's emotional apology.

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