A Husband Realizes Why He Prioritizes His Relatives over His Wife

Season 3 Episode 302
Aired on 08/03/2013 | CC tv-14
Will, a restaurant owner in Maryland, has invited 14 members of his family—including nine children—to live in his home against the wishes of his wife of 34 years, Carrie. Carrie has reacted by lashing out with angry words and by abusing alcohol. Now, this couple is on the brink of divorce. Iyanla sits down with Will and brings him a special gift: a dead fish to show him how much it stinks when it rots, and that, just like a household, it rots from the head down. Watch as Iyanla delves deep with Will into the state of his family, how his own father's poor example has contributed to the situation, and what he can do to fix his family before it's too late.