A Daughter's Plea to the Mom Ready to Walk Away from Her Family

Season 4 Episode 417
Aired on 05/20/2017 | CC tv-pg
Following not one but two explosive fights during a volatile healing process, 50-year-old matriarch Alicia agrees to put her packing on hold and sit down with her six daughters, several of whom wish to convince their mother to recommit to healing their family. Youngest daughter Marcale, who spent six of her 25 years in prison, has always had a close relationship with Alicia and uses this moment to make an emotional plea.

"I don't ever want it not to be this, where we can't all sit in a room and get along. Like, I was without all of y'all for a long time. And just to have this, it means a lot to me," Marcale says, welling up. "Now is the chance that we could have that relationship, and I don't want you to walk away from that."

Marcale then makes an astute observation about the contentious relationship between Alicia and her eldest daughter, Shay. "How she comes off, whether you know it or not, is how you come off," Marcale tells Alicia. "That's your twin."

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