A Daughter Reveals That She and Her Mom Dated the Same Woman

Season 4 Episode 417
Aired on 05/20/2017 | CC tv-pg
Fifty-year-old Alicia and 35-year-old Shay have a complicated, contentious mother-daughter relationship that stretches back to Shay's tumultuous childhood. As adults, the relationship between the two has reached total breakdown, which Shay partially attributes to Alicia harboring secrets—particularly about her sexuality.

Shay tells Iyanla that she unknowingly dated the same woman her mother was secretly seeing. Alicia's response, Shay says, was to harass her without revealing to Shay the reason that she was so upset.

"She got angry with me," Shay says. "I'm wondering all this time why, basically, I'm getting all these texts, all these emails from my mom in a reaction to a female. Come to find out, two years down the line, this is a woman that she was already involved with."

Shay asserts that her mother is still involved with the woman at the center of the conflict, which is why Shay stopped speaking to both of them. Watch as Iyanla works with Shay to determine what needs to happen in order for this mother-daughter relationship to heal and move forward.

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