The Work: "Fix My Backstabbing Friends"

The story of Six Brown Chicks is that of six powerful women who were given inaccurate information about themselves and each other. Their story is a common one, and their healing can be an inspiration to us all. Use this study guide to develop the skills and courage required to acknowledge your power and your responsibility as a powerful being, whether you are a woman or a man.


Using the following prompt, identify a current or past experience where you believe a woman betrayed you: I felt betrayed by ___ when she ___.


What are the three to five words you would use to describe her behavior.


What are the 3-5 words you would use to describe your feelings about the experience?


Complete the following prompt by using your descriptive words for her behavior to recall and describe a time when you have done the same thing to yourself or someone else. I recall behaving this way when I ___.


Using the descriptive words for your feelings, fill in the blank for the following prompt: What I brought to this experience was ___.


Using the following prompt, compare what you brought to the experience with the way you described her behavior. What I have learned about myself is ___.


Forgiveness for everything you believe was done to you and for what you may have done to yourself:

I forgive myself for believing ___.