5 Survivors of the Pulse Massacre Return to the Club for the First Time

Season 4 Episode 423
Aired on 06/07/2017 | CC tv-pg
After working with six individuals who survived the deadly shooting at Orlando's Pulse nightclub nearly a year ago, Iyanla offers them the opportunity to return to Pulse together for the first time since the massacre so that this time they may leave on their own terms.

"It is my intention to provide all of these survivors with a new, positive experience at the scene of this shared trauma so they can begin to heal," Iyanla explains.

Five of these six survivors—Tiara, Patience, Chris, Christopher and Orlando—agree to participate in the opportunity. Watch as they make an emotional return to the scene of the tragedy, and hear Iyanla's prayer for each of her guests as they move forward with a nuanced understanding of what can help them on the path toward healing.

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