Will Ben Defy Eddie to Save Pete?

Season 1 Episode 132
Aired on 03/15/2016 | CC tv-14
Eddie and Ben plot to kill Pete to stop him from reporting Eddie's crime. Their plan goes into action when the men Eddie hired shoot Pete while Ben watches from the shadows. As Pete lies on the ground, bleeding profusely, he calls 911 and lets the dispatcher know of his condition, but without managing to tell her his location. Eddie orders Ben to wait for Pete to succumb to his wounds before calling for an ambulance. Ben goes to Pete's side and tells him help is on the way, but Pete knows the truth.

"You and Eddie set this up!" Pete cries out. "I'm dying. Call them."

Pete begs for his life, while Ben insists that help is on the way; but they both know no one's coming. Can Pete convince him to do the right thing, or will Ben stand idly by and watch his partner die?

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