Where's the Missing Disc That Proves Eddie's Guilt?

Season 1 Episode 138
Aired on 04/26/2016 | CC
Natalie finally gets around to telling Lushion about the disc Pete entrusted to her just before he was shot. Natalie doesn't know what's on it, but she does know it must have been important because of how nervous Pete seemed when he gave it to her.

When Natalie tells Lushion that she has the disc and hid it in the bread box, Lushion rushes over to her house to retrieve it. He has a hunch that it contains proof of Eddie's abuse of power. Unfortunately for Lushion, the disc is missing, and Natalie has no idea where it could be.

While Natalie and Lushion search the house, Natalie makes an unexpected discovery: Faun hiding in bed. Will Joey and Faun ever learn their lesson?

"I'll deal with you later," Natalie tells her son as she ushers the young lovers away.

Lushion stresses the importance of finding that disc. Natalie tells him she'll comb the house, and if she still doesn't find it, she'll ask the kids the following day.

"You need to ask the kids tonight," Lushion says.

"Is this that important?" Natalie says.

"Yes," Lushion says levelly, locking eyes with her.

Realizing how high the stakes must be, Natalie concedes. "I'll go on back to Alex's and wake up the kids and ask them," she says.

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